Prolink TW8 Windows 7 Tablet PC

Different from tablet products, Prolink TW8 is the use of windows operating system. Some tablets using android operating system, even Motorola Xoom uses the operating system specifically designed for tablet which android honeycomb 3.0 super-fast. But this Prolink TW8 tablet instead use windows to grab market speculation.

The fact that the new operating system typically requires this adaptation is attempted by the Prolink TW8 Tablet to the conquered. They think there are still many people who are reluctant to turn away from windows. There are still many people who tied him to continue to use Windows because it was used.

However Prolink not necessarily deny the presence of android system, in the near future they will also release new products based on Android tablets. Prolink TW8 is the beginning of their release tablets, and in the second quarter tomorrow they will try to play with a tablet-based operating system Android.

Moreover, with the completeness 32 GB SSD hard drive, 1GB of DDR2 memory lets you store important documents of any size. Moreover, with support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and high-speed 3.75G Modem, a sophistication that keeps you connected to the Internet at the time you work wherever and whenever.

Weight less than 1 kg, and chassis design that is packed in a slim 14 mm size Prolink TW8 light enough and practical as an alternative for users who want a large touch screen and reliable in the Windows operating system. For social networking activities, Prolink TW8 is well aware of the need for inter-connected community. Prolink TW8 provides the latest Bossa Nova User Interface, which makes you more comfortable and easier to run web applications and any social media platform.

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