Netbook LY-EB01 Cheaper Netbook with Price 98 Dollar

Netbook has now present the most affordable price of $ 98. Netbook is offered by the company Lanyu Chinese origin, the name given to the LY-EB01 eBooks. Netbook eBooks LY-EB01 has a display type of TFT LCD 7 inch size with a screen resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Netbook is ARM-based processor with 266MHz speed serial AK7802Q216, 128MB RAM, and with the operating system WinCE 5.0 OS. There are battery Li-ion 1.800 mAh in the back. Netbook Lanyu eBooks LY-EB01 will become the world’s cheapest netbook with a price less than $ 100 or around 666 yuan in the Chinese market.

Other features of the netbook Lanyu eBooks LY-EB01 is a 2GB flash memory, and memory slot SDCard. For connection, there is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Lanyu eBooks LY-EB01 weight is 600 grams and dimension 213 × 142×31 mm. Facilities 2 USB ports, Ethernet and 802.11b / g wireless, VGA out also took complete eBooks LY-EB01 this. For the battery itself is able to survive up to 7 hours without Wi-Fi connection and 5 minutes with Wi-Fi.

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