Lenovo G470, G570 and V470 Elegant Notebooks

Lenovo launched two new notebooks, the Lenovo G470 and the Lenovo V470. Both Lenovo’s latest notebooks come with 14-inch sizes, and other size options available on the G series as Lenovo G570. Lenovo G Series notebook namely G470 and G570 comes with a second generation of Intel Core processors that only differ in the side of the screen, where the G470 with a display of 14 inches and G570 with 15-inch screen. Lenovo brings an elegant look when you first see the color is gorgeous, with a kind of glossy on the front sector, and the inside of invite click amazed.

Lenovo G470 cater to users and professional workers, but not closed to student users, because it has a display with an impressive elegant dark colors. Used for daily activities with a solid shape, such as for online activities, chat, games which of course is offered at an affordable price. Lenovo G470 uses starting from the size of 500GB hdd, and has a Wireless Display feature which is very useful for displaying various information wirelessly to other devices. For maximum use of graphics, have been integrated well with the 3D display features.

To add flexibility, options ranging from 1GB of RAM or more and the choice of Windows OS 7 or DOS version. Excess will be the OS that has been integrated, the presence of Windows Enhanced Experience 2.0 is to provide speed at startup, shutdown, gaming, and a dynamic contrast ratio. To display the size of 17 inches may also be present at Lenovo this series, but it would depend on market demand in Indonesia. Lenovo G470 comes with prices starting at $ 469 (with Dual Core processors) and can be tailored to the needs of users will be various other additional features.
Lenovo V470

Lenovo V470 comes with a second generation of Intel Core processors with a choice of Intel Core i3, i5 and i7. Size 14-inch screen that provides visual comfort coupled with chiclet keyboard that allows users while doing pengetikkan in a long time. Lenovo V470 allocated to users in the sector USMB / SOHO which provides a range of support in the security sector, such as finger print, anti-shock, and data encryption. In addition, there were also features power management that provide power savings, along with 6-cell battery that can be used the user for 3 to 4 hours of usage.

Lenovo Enhanced Experience on the Lenovo V470 is also present along with the ease of the recovery are very helpful to the user data sectors. There is an HDMI port and support from GForce 525M graphics card 2GB and camera on the front side at 2 megapixels.

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