Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy Tab (Review)

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung has confirmed that this company will release tablets Samsung Galaxy Tab before October 2010. Samsung’s latest tablet device will carry a smartphone version of Galaxy will be packed with 7-inch screen, the Android operating system version 2.2, 16GB internal memory and processor for Samsung Hummingbird A8 1.2 Ghz speed. Of course you already know that Samsung phones Android Galaxy S is a quality that can match the iPhone, well it seems Tablet Galaxy is also worth remembering also look forward to this possibility specifications include a Samsung Tablet SUPER AMOLED screen with WVGA resolution (800 x 680).

If that was not enough, this Galaxy Samsung Tablet Specifications mentioned has 3G, WiFi and GPS are definitely going to make it a real competitor iPad since Samsung first began to express their will also create a tablet. Unfortunately not known tablets price of this Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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