Advantages and Disadvantages of Nintendo 3DS (Review)

Nintendo has also provided some technical features of its next console. Although the company has remained rather vague about the hardware, confirmed in an official way that Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with DS games, 3 will have 0.3 megapixel sensors (2 for photos in 3D and a higher close to the screen), which will to take pictures at 640×480 pixels. The devices also incorporate (in addition to a multi-pad), an analog stick and a Home button.

As for connectivity, Nintendo 3DS inherit all the fixes in DSi, including a SD card reader. The screens will have a 3:53-inch diagonal screen for the top and 3.02 inches for the bottom screen, respectively, with resolutions of 800 x 240 pixels and 320 x 240 pixels. The console will weigh 230 grams and has dimensions of 13.4 x 7.4 x 2.1 cm. The package sold in Japan will also include a 2GB SD card, stylus, 6 sheets of augmented reality, adapter and a docking station to recharge the console.

Nintendo 3DS should be marketed in Japan at a cost of 25,000 yen, that is just under 220 euros. By comparison, XL DSi cost 20,000 Yen at launch that is 175 euros. However, for the rest of the world and, more specifically for Italy, no price has yet been revealed.

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