Advantages and Disadvantages of AMD Thuban Phenom II X6 (Review)

Success with palform using a 45nm architecture, AMD is now rumored to be off the chip from the line of Thuban Phenom II X6 name. Interestingly, the hardware manufacturers still maintain its operating system in the AMD line.

Information released some of the sites mentioned, Thuban was the successor of the AMD chips that have code-named Dragon. Other news mentions, Thuban will be shipped by AMD in the second quarter of 2010 was. Although not currently known about the central issue was rolling.

TechTree for example, reveal if it is Thuban AMD chip architecture based on the k10. This card also has a speed of 128KB of L1 cache going on, but it is also 512KB of L2 cache and 6MB of L3 cache is on, but this speed AMD to split into three brain.

In addition, variant Thuban for AMD Phenom II X6 has other features that can be relied upon, among them the features HyperTransport 3.x. These features are installed on DDR3 memory attached to two channels.

About speed, speed Thuban running 2400Mhz (4800MT / z). Previously, as Thuban, Leo platform, the AMD also been paired with a 6-core processor. U.S. based company is also hoping Leo could segarang previous platform, Dragon. Platform is intended for desktop AMD claimed running better than Intel Clarkdale that runs on 32nm.

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