Acer Iconia W7 Review

Acer Iconia W7 tablet, 11.6-inch and with the special support, is one of the few with Intel Core has incredible power, a Full HD screen and productivity tools at your fingertips. The support allows the use of both vertical, horizontal and tilt at different angles for browsing, sharing and using touch. In horizontal angle of 20 degrees provides the best use of touch, while 70 degrees is ideal for use with notebook style keyboard. The support also includes a second battery for greater autonomy.

Available for sale in Italy at a price of $ 999 (with keyboard, case and docking station) Acer Iconia W7 has been reviewed by the major U.S. newsrooms, which tested a model for about $ 1,000 with an Intel Core i5-3317U from 1.7 GHz (Ivy Bridge), 4GB of RAM, 128GB storage and 11.6 inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. If you are interested in a deeper we announce articles CNET, InfoWorld, Laptop Magazine and PhysOrg.

The tablet weighs 900 grams and seems to have a life of 7 hours, almost a full working day, a figure that could be good for a notebook but not for a tablet that is expected operability of at least 10 hours. Nevertheless, the battery is able to obtain good performance, considering the integration of an Intel Core i5 notebook. The docking station Acer included, the mouse and wireless keyboard, allow you to use Iconia W7 as a primary PC. Just place it on a desk and work as if you were using a real notebook or desktop. E ‘can also connect it to an external monitor if you want a larger screen.

The touch and high-capacity battery, however, can be used on the move. The final verdict is unanimous: Acer Iconia W7 can be used as a substitute for a notebook, but not always, and especially when you do not have a table to use the keyboard. Full HD resolution enhances the 11.6-inch screen, but in some cases (especially in touch mode) icons and elements deskstop are too small to be clicked. Want to buy? Acer Iconia W7 price $999 at Amazon.

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